We are committed to always acting in our clients' best interest. We are dedicated to perfecting property operations in order to produce the highest return on our client's investment. We deliver the service and results our clients deserve. We manage and supervise each asset as if it were our own.
We charge a monthly management fee to maintain your property with regular security checks. After Owners confirmation of dates of occupation, we ensure that the property is prepared and provided with the necessary cleaning and laundry services. All this is tailor made to make sure Owners and their guests have a relaxed and enjoyable break.
We liaise with a number of independent contractors for plumbing, electrical, general maintenance and repair work undertaken


Housekeeping will also make regular inspection checks and ensure that maintenance is continual throughout the year for each property for general spring cleaning, dry cleaning of curtains, rugs and any other items. Some items would be recommended for attention such as polishing of marble floors or shampoo of carpets.
Serious thought is required to first identify clearly in your mind the type of property you need and the area you would like to be. Once armed with this information you would be well advised to contact our office to establish what is available and the price you are likely to pay
We can be very helpful by providing a wide selection of properties and local knowledge. If we do not already have it listed, we can seek out your ideal property. We have the experience to answer all your queries and guide you through the negotiations and sometimes complex procedures to the completion of your purchase.

The legal representative, who should be fluent in your language, will carry out the necessary checks on the property and complete the legal requirements of the sale.

  • 1. The first check is to obtain from the Property Registry a "Nota Simple" which will identify the registered owner and provide details of mortgages or embargos on the property
  • 2. Receipts for payment of the IBI (Impuestos sobre Bienes Inmuebles), the annual real estate tax, should also be obtained. These will show the "Valor Catastral", the assessed value of the property on which your property tax will be based upon.
  • 3. If you are purchasing a new property, your legal representative should ask to see the Declaración de Obra Nueva" and the "Declaración de Alteración de Bienes Naturaleza Urbana" as proof of legal requirements have been passed.
  • 4. Receipts for community charges should be obtained where there is a community involved. It would be a good idea to chat with neighbours and other residents to identify any possible problems.
After the price has been agreed and the "Nota Simple" has been checked you will be required to pay a small holding deposit to hold the property off the market in reserve until completion. Your legal representative will prepare a formal offer and agreement for this purpose.
After the formal acceptance of an offer and searches have been completed, the exchange of private contracts or the signing of an option to purchase will normally take place within three weeks
On the assigned date, both the purchaser and seller (or their legal representatives) will attend the offices of the Notary to sign the "Escritura de Compraventa" (the title deed) which should state the property is sold free of charges, mortgages and tenants. The Notary does not check the terms, as the legal representative should have done so beforehand, but solely certifies that the parties are in agreement. At this point the balance of payment is made and possession passes to the purchaser.

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